Psycopg packages fresh from CI

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This website contains Psycopg distribution packages automatically built by Travis CI and AppVeyor using the psycopg2-wheels project.

Currently generated packages are:

These packages are uploaded on PyPI so they can be installed using:

pip install psycopg2

Unstable versions may be found on the PyPI testing site and may be installed using:

pip install -i psycopg2==VERSION

Note that you may try any of these packages just running pip install URL.

Index of /

Index of /

postgresql/                                        13-Jul-2018 14:00                   -
psycopg2-2.8.5/                                    21-Jul-2020 15:29                   -
psycopg2-2.8.6/                                    04-Nov-2020 16:07                   -
psycopg2-2.8.7.dev0/                               16-Jun-2021 18:29                   -